Brian-JacobsBrian Jacobs is the PGA director of instruction at the Brian Jacobs Golf Academy at Mill Creek Golf Club in Churchville, N.Y.

Brian Jacobs on the importance of visiting facilities for mentoring and branding opportunities: I am very open when it comes to my teaching philosophy and approach, and I welcome the opportunity to help other PGA Professionals or apprentices with their own instruction businesses. Because I am willing to share what has helped make my instruction practice so successful, I am often invited to visit other facilities, both within my local area and out of state, to present to students and PGA Professionals. Some clubs or facilities only like to bring in “big name” golf instructors who teach famous touring professionals, which is fine, but as many of you know, just because you teach a touring professional doesn’t automatically make you a great teacher. Many of the facilities that I visit know my passion for teaching and my reputation of success with my students, who range from beginners to college golfers with full scholarships, and ask me to visit for the day to give clinics to their members or students. Not only does it engage their members or students and drive sales at their facility for a day, but I encourage their golf professionals to sit in or help out during the clinics, which can help their own teaching practice and create lasting relationships with those in attendance. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to observe many great instructors as they taught and that has helped shape me to become who I am today, so I am always looking to give back.

Brian Jacobs on the importance of visiting facilities for mentoring and branding opportunities: Although I do accept fees for giving clinics at other facilities, it’s not my main motive and it is certainly not a requirement for a visit. When I do, it’s typically between $1,000 and $1,500, which provides a nice bump in my yearly instruction revenue. However, I do provide many of these clinics pro bono and only ask for my transportation, lodging and meal costs to be taken care of. Not only do I see these clinics as a way to grow the game and help increase revenue at the facilities that I visit, but I have also found that it’s a great marketing tool for my own golf academy. Sometimes I gain students from these clinics (approximately 10 percent), but most of the time I get referrals from the attendee’s friends who may not be a member of a club or have a regular golf instructor. I have even received a referral from Milan, Italy who spent thousands of dollars with me as a result of one my clinics! Additionally, I feel as though I can provide a service to a lot of young golf professionals who may just be getting started in instruction. Mentoring is a big part of this business, and this is one of the ways I can give back.